9. února 2015

Rukopis Davida Finchera

Pokud milujete Finchera tak, jako já, nesmíte tohle video minout. Občas rozebírám Nolana a opájím se Aronofskym, ale Fincher má v mém srdci zvláštní místo. Už od chvíle, kdy jsem viděl Se7en (1995) a The Game (1997).
Fight Club a další filmy nejsou o nic méně úžasné, ale tyhle dva pro mě jsou jako vzpomínka na první zamilovanost.

Některé Fincherovy výroky:

„People will say, "There are a million ways to shoot a scene", but I don't think so. I think there're two, maybe. And the other one is wrong.“

„I have a philosophy about the two extremes of filmmaking. The first is the "Kubrick way," where you're at the end of an alley in which four guys are kicking the shit out of a wino. Hopefully, the audience members will know that such a scenario is morally wrong, even though it's not presented as if the viewer is the one being beaten up; it's more as if you're witnessing an event. Inversely, there's the "Spielberg way," where you're dropped into the middle of the action and you're going to live the experience vicariously - not only through what's happening, but through the emotional flow of what people are saying. It's a much more involved style. I find myself attracted to both styles at different times, but mostly I'm interested in just presenting something and letting people decide for themselves what they want to look at.“

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